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Re: fedora symbol revisited

> Benjamin J. Weiss said:
> > Just curious if any of the official fedora folks had made a decision on an
> > official symbol.  It's kind of embarrassing to be the only distro that I
> > know of that doesn't have an easily identifiable logo.
> I hadn't noticed.  What's wrong with the stylized "Fedora"?

Nothing.  But I can't find that logo anywhere on the fedora site, so I 
doubt that it's our version of the BSD devil, or shadowman, etc.
> >  Hell,
> > distrowatch.com is using the red fedora with the word fedora below it,
> > which I *think* is a violation of RedHat's trademark.
> IANAL but it looks to me like a red hat with "Fedora" under it. 
> Definitely not "Shadowman".

Paint me gunshy.  Redhat's made it very clear that they won't brook 
anybody messing with their trademark.  That's fine with me, they have a 
vested interest in protecting their intellectual property.  I just want 
something that I can put on the CD's I burn so that I and the folks I give 
them to can easily and quickly know for which CD they're reaching.  That's 
the whole idea of GUI icons, no? :)

> > I've got the logo for every other distro on their respective CD label,
> > including knoppix-std.  I'm hoping that with the release of FC2, we'll
> > have our own logo....am I being overly optimistic?
> http://fedora.redhat.com/projects/artwork/
> I suggest working with the fedora-desktop-list.

Good idea, but I have a hard enough time keeping up with *this* list.  
Another one and I would have to quit my job to keep up with the mail. LOL


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