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Re: Fedora Extras is extra

On Tue, 2004-11-30 at 15:44, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 15:21:17 -0800, Mike Ramirez <mike thexxxhost com> wrote:
> > My only goal is to get a solution so everyone involved is happy and know
> > one feels bad or hurt or anything esle.  
> As soon as preventing hurt feelings becomes the goal for any technical
> solution... you have allowed emotion to trump technical merit and
> substantiative progress.  The only way to avoid bad feelings is to
> keep the discussion above personal politics, stay focused on larger
> goals, and to make sure everyone communicates their priorities up
> front. New solutions may or may not obsolete previous attempts to
> solve the problem... and you can't even count on different people to
> define the problem to be solved similarly. But we must not let the
> emotional attachment to any specific technical implementation hold us
> back from choosing the best solution to solve the larger priorities
> and to make the best use of the resources at hand.  It's unfortunate
> that this issue has become personal to a number of people, 

I also have apologized to Michael in a reply to an email he set me
detailing the problems and the situation as I needed to find out but 
about what I said but in the end it was act of anger at the thread, the
problems and the lack of a real solution, that helps everyone and the
what seemed to me as a lack of explanation from fedora.us on this stance
of its our way or the highway policy.   I apologized to him because they
were aimed at him as he seemed to be the biggest hindrance to a global
solution.  If you were offend I apologize.   But I also detailed to him
my idea of a solution.  Which I will put here.  Basically turn Fedora
Extras into a community project form one repo  with multiple repos and
maintainers but one set of guidelines decided upon by the community to
for them all to follow that define build machines and so on. With some
sort of disciplinary action for not following these guidelines.  Just
compromise on these guidelines will have to be met and enforced. Is it
possible in reality IDK. But I think it will bring in the much needed
resources for this project. Is it the right answer?  IDK again, Thats up
to everyone involved if we can leave egos and personal feelings at the
door. For some it doesn't seem possible but they will have to learn.  If
not I don't see a solution that will help us but keep it as it is.  Is
that what is really needed?  IDK either.  Its up to you guys who do this
full time.  In the end I only want whats best to help the fedora project
and Linux in whole to move forward.  My first post didn't do that I know
and apologize for it.  

Another old saying no use crying over spilled milk.


Mike Ramirez <mike thexxxhost com>

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