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sendmail howto?

Can anyone point me to a sendmail howto that will work? I tried googling 
"sendmail howto" and followed the instructions for the standalone user on the 
first link found but it does not make sendmail work for me. (The symptom is 
that sendmail receives messages but apparently does not send any messages out 
anywhere -- I get no errors, but I can't send a message to myself at my email 
hosting provider and have it actually get back to me, for example.)

I *can* send a message to mysefl at localhost and sendmail receives *that*. 
And I can use fetchmail to retrieve mail from my mail hosting provider and 
fetchmail delivers it to sendmail on my system, which I can then use to 
retrieve it into KMail.

But I can't for the life of me, figure out how to get sendmail on my system to 
accept email from the command line ('mail -s ...') or from KMail and have 
that message actually get delivered anywhere other than localhost.

I set the MASQUERADE_AS(`haligonian.com')dnl

stuff in the sendmail.mc file and processed it into a sendmail.cf file and 
restarted sendmail before trying. No luck. What else am I missing?

Trevor Smith // trevor haligonian com

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