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Re: Crossover Office Standard

Nathan Low wrote:

I'm new to this operating system. Please be patient. I asked you a few times about this. Can someone help
me on this problem.

I bought this software so I can download my Windows
programs.  I tried to download the program, but it is
corrupted and I tried several times with the same
result.  It keeps asking me if I want to open the
program in emacs or another program.  I chose emacs
and its doesn't open.  Is there another program I can
open Crossover Office Standard and if I don't have
this program, where can I download it?

Please respond. Thanks.

The reason nobody's replying (my guess) is that we cannot understand what you're trying to do at all.

You don't need Crossover Office to download anything, just use a linux browser or FTP client.

It's obvious English is not your native language. but please be far more specific on just what it is you're wanting to do.


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