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Re: Nautilus behavior

On Tue, 2004-11-30 at 22:19 -0800, Dave Roberts wrote:
> I finally upgraded from FC1 to FC3, skipping FC2 along the way.
> Naturally, I ran into the new, ahem, "spatial" Nautilus behavior. I just
> figured I would vent here a bit and say that this interface is straight
> out of 1990. This behavior sucked on the Mac, sucked on Windows 3.0, and
> still sucks today. It was only suitable on the original Macintosh, ala
> 1984, where people had only floppy drives with a maximum of 10 folders
> and about the same number of actual files. Anything beyond that, the
> paradigm seriously breaks down. The guy who brought this back and then
> justified it with this crap about how it's better for new users should
> be taken out behind the woodshed and beaten with a thick usability
> manual.
> Further, I was horrified that, while there is a switch to actually turn
> this behavior off and do the sensible thing, it's buried so deep down in
> GConf as to be totally hidden from any mere mortal without access to
> this email list. At a minimum, I would have expected a clean "disable
> stupid spatial mode" checkbox in the Nautilus preferences.
> Anyway, if there's some petition I could sign to tell whatever powers
> that be that they really, really, really screwed this one up, please
> point me at it.
> And yes, I know this was covered in extreme detail several months ago.
> I'm late to the party, but just needed some cathartic release.
> -- 
> Dave Roberts <ldave droberts com>

If you're referring to the way Nautilis opens up a new window every time
you go into a subfolder, then I AGREE!!!

Where'd you find the setting to change that behavior?

Grant Limberg

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