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Re: APC UPS and APC-Software under FC1

V sre, 01.12.2004 ob 13:26 je Olaf Eichhorn napisal(a):
> Hi Fedora users,
> Is anybody using an APC Smart UPS with the APC-Software under Fedora 
> Core 1? How did You installed and configured it?
> Thats what I did:
> I connected the UPS on ttys0 (APC Smart UPS 750) and installed the 
> software pbeagent-7.0.2-110.i386 with rpm -i pbeagent-7.0.2-110.i386.rpm
> I have run the config.sh wich asked me for an username and password and 
> the connection type.
> But there is no gui, but there should be one (Java).
> Java 1.5.0 is installed and working.
> I know there are nut and apcupsd but I wanted to try the vendows 
> software first.
> thanks in advance
> Olaf

Yes, I used it and it is working but for the GUI you need a windows
mašine from where you connect to the agent and make additional
configuration. But I have changed to NUT which is a very good tool and
work great to and there is small GUI too (very small) but configuration
is trivial and you don't need to be concearned on how long should UPS
stay on battery to commence shutdown - when it hits "low battery" value
thje shutdown start.


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