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Re: Fedora Extras is extra

On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 11:20 +0100, Dries Verachtert wrote:
> Probably after some weeks/months we'll get a mail "hey it's ready" and there 
> has been no input from people who will use it. Only then we'll get 
> information about the possibilities and constraints of the build system. Why 
> isn't this possible earlier? 
> I don't expect documentation or immediate answers to all questions, but simply 
> making the source visible so the future users can look at it and test it on 
> their own machines and maybe give valuable feedback and point at bugs..  i 
> would really appreciate that. Then we can also track progress so nobody at 
> Red Hat has to loose time on writing status mails.

Well put!

Red Hat has its head firmly lodged in its back-side on this issue.  Here
are people (obviously *competent* people) just itching to help out and
they're excluded by some asinine policy that seems to be "we want a
community but we can't tell you anything because you don't have an
@redhat.com address".

What *possible* good can come from this approach?


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