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Re: xawtv: no audio sound

Jim Higson wrote:

On Wednesday 01 Dec 2004 14:07, Raffi Khatchadourian wrote:

Bob Chiodini wrote:

I've noted on the TV card that is installed here that a separate control
shows up in the mixer (gnome) for it's audio level.  I cannot say if it
actually does anything as my audio goes directly from an external tuner
to the Line-In.

Anything like that in your mixer app?


Hmm ... I have seen a slider for "Video" if that is what you are
referring to. I've tried that slider as well with no luck. Just the
channel clicking comes through the speakers for some odd reason.

You probably want the slider for line in, since the sound card just sees it as an input, and is unaware that it is being used for video. There's probably an internal connector on you sound card marked "video" that nothing's connected to.

Tried everything, no good.

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