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Re: Problem with new FC3 install

On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 10:41, John Aldrich wrote:
> I have a new, plain-vanilla FC3 install on linux box which was previously
> running RH9. I wiped the system, with the exception of 3 directories and
> reinstalled FC3 on there.
> I am on a Belkin Omniview SE 4-port KVM switch and every time I change to
> another PC, my mouse goes crazy and I have to reboot to get it back (although I
> suspect I could just telinit 3, followed by telinit 5 to get it back.)
> This is a generic scroll mouse on the PS2 port. It's the same mouse I was using
> on RH9 with no problems. I recall having this problem previously a LONG time
> ago, but I don't recall what fixed it... As I said, it was working fine under
> RH9, but now when I switch between PCs, it goes crazy. I did go into the
> system-config-mouse and set it up as a generic PS2 scroll mouse. It was
> auto-detected as a generic 3-button PS2 mouse.
> Any help here?
> Thanks

So this problem has not been fixed in FC3?  ick!

Search the archives for the psmouse settings.  I believe setting it to
imp fixed most of these problems.

The other option is to get a different KVM switch.  Belkin's seem to
exhibit this behavior more often than others.  (I have one also....)

Scot L. Harris
webid cfl rr com

/earth: file system full. 

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