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Re: What happened to gqview

On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 11:25:11 -0700, Robin Laing
<robin laing drdc-rddc gc ca> wrote:
> Dexter Ang wrote:
> >
> > How about gThumb? Any problems with that?
> >
> Features.
> I prefer it over gthumb as it allows me to view thumbnails and a full
> resoultion image at the same time.  No need to double click each
> image.  Makes going through a directory so much faster.  Zoom or fit
> to screen both work quite well.

Interesting. I always thought gThumb had this. Can you point to the
screenshot of this feature on the gqview.sourceforge.net website? Or
if it's not there, maybe email me a screenshot of what you're talking
about? I always though the little preview below the folder sidebar is
sufficient for adjustment and viewing the photo. Although I haven't
touched gThumb lately. I just wanna do a comparison with what other
people find useful and not between the two software. =)



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