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Re: how to install lilo instead of grub on fedora

uh ok, i did that, turns out lilo is installed already. guess that would explain the lilo.conf.anaconda file i saw in etc/

so can i just rename the grub.conf file and then edit the lilo.conf.anaconda file , rename it to lilo.conf and the run /sbin/lilo?
or is there something more to switching between boot loaders.

example of what i'm asking if i can do:

# mv /etc/grub.conf /etc/grub.confOLD
mv /etc/lilo.conf.anaconda /etc/lilo.conf
*edit the lilo.conf file correctly*
# /sbin/lilo to commit the changes


William Hooper wrote:

Mike H said:


if you saw the subject you already know, i don't want grub on my machine.

how can i get lilo on it?

How about install the lilo RPM?


Just be aware that lilo is deprecated and will go away in the future.  It
would be better to bugzilla whatever your grub issues are and get them

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