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Re: APC UPS and APC-Software under FC1

On Wednesday 01 Dec 2004 12:26 pm, Olaf Eichhorn wrote:
> Hi Fedora users,
> Is anybody using an APC Smart UPS with the APC-Software under Fedora
> Core 1? How did You installed and configured it?
> Thats what I did:
> I connected the UPS on ttys0 (APC Smart UPS 750) and installed the
> software pbeagent-7.0.2-110.i386 with rpm -i pbeagent-7.0.2-110.i386.rpm
> I have run the config.sh wich asked me for an username and password and
> the connection type.
> But there is no gui, but there should be one (Java).
> Java 1.5.0 is installed and working.
> I know there are nut and apcupsd but I wanted to try the vendows
> software first.
> thanks in advance
> Olaf

I'm still using RH9 on this machine, and will be until I get a new one built. 
When I bought my UPS a few months ago, APC were providing Linux software, but 
at the time there was no support for USB.

I installed apcupsd, tested it with 30 seconds in the dumb shutdown option, 
cut the power and the machine shut down. So as far as I can tell it works, 
but you need to read the documentation to set up the config file properly.

Dave Fletcher

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