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Re: Mail server?

Am Do, den 02.12.2004 schrieb Lyle Kopnicky um 1:54:

> Hi, I'm setting a machine up as a mailserver.  I have never configured a 
> mailserver before and sendmail sounds intimidating, but I'd like to make 
> sure the server is compatible with spamassassin and other tools.  
> Recommended - sendmail, qmail or postfix?
> - Lyle

The decision is mostly a matter of taste and knowledge. If you have no
experience with either of these 3, then probably Postfix might be the
one of the MTA with the most "intuitive" configuration syntax (Postfix
users like to propagate this - I know a lot of people seeing things not
that clear as the fans claim them to be). I prefer Sendmail as I have
experience with it from over several years. You are able to find a lot
of documentation and howtos for all 3 MTAs on the WWW.

If you have zero knowledge about mail server, then please do yourself
and the internet a favour and don't run one public reachable. You will
have to know much, not only about the mail topic itself, but about DNS
and other involved services. Running a mail server touches many RFCs and
you can quickly become the "bad guy" and your server being blacklisted.
Read the many documentation, make experience in a local, non public


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