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Re: FC3: Nautilus opening new windows

Frank wrote:
I've been looking for a way to stop Nautilus from opening a new windo for each subdirectory that I descend into, thus far without success. A coworker is running an older version with a checkbox controlling this behaviour in the preferences behaviour tab. The current version does not have this option. Is there another way?

If not, can anybody suggest a more efficient graphical file browser?


Go to the main menu (hat) and then choose the system tools menu. From the system tools menu, select the Configuration editor.

From the "Configurqtion editor", open up the apps folder. Scroll down to the nautilus folder and open this folder. Select the preferences folder for nautilus.

Go to the right panel and check the little box for always use browse. Now you can close the editor and all future openings of the file manager should be better and more usable, with less distraction from popup express (linux version).

You could also right click on the icon for your home folder, then choose the browse choice. This way works also.


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