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ALSA not able to be used at the same time in FC3


I used to have FC2 in a test box which I used for test purposes.  I
noticed that with it I was able to use several apps that use the sound
card at the very same time so I could, for example, see a movie in totem
and hear the notification sounds from gaim.  Even I could add rhythmbox
to the mix just to make things interesting... it worked just fine.

This is not the case with FC3.  When I am playing music with rhythmbox I
cannot hear the notifications from gaim and then when the record I am
listening gets to the end, the sound card (ALSA?) starts to play all the
queued notifications blocking the sound card and rhythmbox fails saying
that the device is busy.

According to Gstreamer Preferences I'm using ALSA for input and output
of sound.  Have anyone seen this problem??  How do I fix it?


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