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Re: Selecting a window manager

at a terminal, type

switchdesk  xfce

to change to xfce

or switchdesk gnome

to switch back to gnome

or  rm -r -f  kde   to remove that annoying KDE from your computer
forever. LOLOL...

On Wed, 01 Dec 2004 21:52:20 -0500, Paul Michael Reilly <pmr pajato com> wrote:
> David L Norris wrote:
> > On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 12:45 -0500, Paul Michael Reilly wrote:
> >
> >>Why does Gnome (and Fedora) not have a Window Manager preference
> >>selector?
> >
> >
> > Metacity is the official GNOME window manager and thus it is the window
> > manager being used by GNOME.  I don't think the reasoning need be more
> > complex than that.  If you do want/need to switch WMs then the odds are
> > good you will do it exactly once and thus don't need some utility
> > cluttering the menus for all eternity.
> Appreciate your feedback.  Actually, I precisely want the ability to
> select a WM, try it out for size for a short while (many minutes) to see
> if I want to use it for even longer or if it is clear that this one just
> doesn't work for me.  I'm curious to see how fvwm works these days.  It
> was OK years ago.  I've never tried Maker but surely would if it were a
> click or two away.  And I would probably switch back and forth between
> sawfish and metacity depending on my mood.  I could be unique but I'd
> hazard a guess that there are more than a few Users who have this itch
> but none of us yet have reached the threshold to actually make it
> happen.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that someone beats me to it.
> So much software to write yet so little time ... :-)
> >>Having to simultaneously kill one WM while starting up another on the
> >>command line seems so twentieth century.
> >
> >
> > Why would you have to do that?  You would gnome-session-properties to
> > control what's running in your session.  (Applications -> Preferences ->
> > More -> Sessions)  Highlight metacity, select remove, select apply
> > (metacity is then permanently killed for you), run your preferred window
> > manager from a run dialog or whatever, set it to "restart" if it doesn't
> > automatically, and then save the session.  If the WM doesn't support
> > session management you'll have to add it to the Startup Programs list
> > with a low priority number.
> This is an OK alternative but still a clunky way to tell Gnome I'd
> prefer to use sawfish rather than metacity for a while.  Thanks for
> pointing it out however.
> -pmr
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