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Re: Ditching FC3... for now =(

Lotsa Cabo wrote:

Have you considered forgetting about VMWare entirely and using a Dual-Boot
setup instead?

--> Unfortunately, dual booting is not an option. As I mentioned in my original message, I have to be both comfortable and productive on Linux before I can install on my physical drive. I've seen too many issues with XP and FC3 being on the same drive and I cannot afford to go down that road; especially since my income comes from the work I do on WinXP. Also, I am confident that I will end up learning things in FC3 and want to do a reinstall just to "redo it right" versus what I will do during my first install.


Sounds like you need something like Knoppix. I used to run dual boot (linux and windows) and I never had any problems with my system. I am now running Fedora and I use VMWare for Windows. Have you considered doing that?

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