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Re: dovecot mailserver, switching from mbox to maildir

Am Do, den 02.12.2004 schrieb Götz Reinicke um 9:36:

> >>How to migrate mboxes do maildir?
> >>
> >>Any hints would be fine!
> > 
> > http://www.google.com/search?q=convert+mbox+maildir
> this is a good one. Ok. I should have been more precise. :-) googling 
> takes a long time to find and sort the information and the hints I got 
> are from google.
> So my question:
> Has anybody switched a system from mbox to maildir? If so, whitch steps 
> are necessary?

> götz reinicke

Modify the google search a bit and you will get more decent hits


You will have to change the dovecot.conf according the documentation


to handle the Maildir instead of the mbox for POP3/IMAP serving. You
will too have to change Procmail to deliver into the Maildir


Something like that instructs Procmail to deliver as Maildir instead
into an mbox (the trailing slash!).

The google search from above will give you as first hit a small script
to pass over already existing mail which is mbox stored into the new
Maildir format. It works with formail (not Formmail) and Procmail. It
reads in every from an mbox file every single mail message and resends
it - of course after setup change to use Maildir - into the new Maildir.


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