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Re: Tricky Network Configuration Suggestions

Am Do, den 02.12.2004 schrieb mkgriffin adelphia net um 13:40:

> I have a production server (serv1.domain.com) and a test server (test1.example.com) that is a duplicate of the
> production server.  They are on two different networks (serv1.domain.com:; test.example.com:
> The test server is behind an iptables-based router that is masq'ing it's IP.  I want to allow certain clients to access the
> test box, but they are all on the the 10.xxx.xxx.xxx side of the router.  I would welcome suggestions for how I might do this.

> Michael

Maybe I overview the real 'tricky' problem. But as you already have an
iptables router, what is the problem to add port-forwarding iptables
rules on that machine, so that connects on router_ip:port go to the test


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