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Yum and dialup

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Just install FC3, coming from RedHat 9. So far I'm impressed and happy
with the installation, but I'd like to keep the system updated.

Now the problem.. We live in a very rural section of NW Oregon. No
broadband and likely no reasonably priced solution for many years. On
top of that, the phone copper coming into the house is pretty limited to
about 22K and needless to say, multi-meg downloads are at best painful,
if not possible. That means that yum is pretty much out of the picture
for large updates.

How do other people on modem connections handle the situation? I've been
using d4x (Download for X) for large file downloads, as it can restart
the download if I'm disconnected. The same could be used for updates if
there were a central update site or email notification.

Any comments or insight appreciated.

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