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Re: Fedora and Partition Magic

Gerhard Magnus wrote:

I'm trying to set up a dual booting system with Windows XP and Fedora 3
using Partition/Boot Magic 8.  My system has two hard drives with
Windows XP installed on drive 1.  Following the Partion Magic
instructions, I created a small FAT partition on drive 1 for the Boot
Magic files (which can't be installed on a NTFS partition).  I used
Partition Magic to create Linux ext3 and swap partitions on drive 2.  I
then installed Fedora 3 on drive 2, apparently successfully since I got
to the splash screen that said so and told me to reboot.

When I installed Fedora 3 without GRUB, the reboot hung on the message
that the system was preparing to boot Fedora 3.

When I installed Fedora 3 with GRUB (and including Windows XP as an
option on the GRUB menu) I was able to reboot into Fedora successfully
and complete the installation process.  But then the Windows XP boot

I used the Boot Magic rescue disc to boot back to Windows XP where I
reactivated Boot Magic and added Fedora as an OS to the Boot Magic
menu.  Now I can boot into Windows XP but the Fedora boot fails.

Any hints as to how to hack through this?  Are there special problems
with having the bootable Fedora partition on the second drive?  I'm not
committed to using Boot Magic but it's worked fine for me in the past.

Thanks for the help!

Why do you need Partition Magic? Fedora can do all the partitions during the installation process. I actually suggests a scheme that, as I learned too late, is pretty good. What we did and worked fine was:
First partition: WinXP
All the rest: done with the partition utility during the Fedora installation, and all worked fine.

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