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Re: Auto-Mounting and Unmounting CDs, DVDs, USB drives etc.

On Thu, 2 Dec 2004 22:01:02 +0100, fedora-list webterminate com
<fedora-list webterminate com> wrote:
> Dear Fedora List,
> When I show off my brand new FC3 system to Windows-centric friends, we
> invariably get to a point where they'd like to see me open a Windows Media
> File, or a MS Word Document. I'm proud that Xine and OpenOffice can do that,
> only to be embarassed when my computer won't return the CD they've given me
> the files on. I am not a friend of manually mounting and unmounting drives on
> my home PC (I do know the arguments about security, etc), and to my dismay I
> have found that FC3 continues a long tradition of Linux systems I have used
> in that automounting still does not work properly.

try switching to gnome which includes gnome-volume-manager accessible
through preferences  menu.

FAM has been replaced with a ABI compatible gamin

Rahul Sundaram

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