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Re: Auto-Mounting and Unmounting CDs, DVDs, USB drives etc.

On Friday 03 December 2004 05:01, fedora-list webterminate com wrote:
> 3) browse the directory with konqueror
> 4) press the eject button on the drive
> 5) get the CD back a couple of seconds later
> 6) possibly have the Konqueror window close automatically, or react in some
> way (that's not really important; after all, I know the directory is not
> accessible any more)
> with gnome-device-manager (under KDE) the mounting seemed to work fine, but
> it did not unmount (I had to do it manually as root)

I am sure this will not happen. Itis wrong to remove a CD while files on it 
are open, and CD drives have a software lock for a reason.

You _should_ though be able to eject the disk from the desktop.

Note that this last is a little problematic because Linux is a multiuser 
system and people use it that way. Who gets to control the CD drive? If you, 
then what happens if I'm using it too?


John Summerfield
tourist pics: http://environmental.disaster.cds.merseine.nu/

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