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Re: Would you tell me what would it happened if the system is running ext2 or ext3 ? Which one is easy to fix excepted restore :)

Wong Kwok-hon wrote:

Becuase I saw the books didn't stated the different and what would it
happen if the system crash in ext2 or ext3 ?

A journalling filesystem (as I understand it) keeps track of changed inodes in a journal before making the actual change to the filesystem. Thus, if a system crash occurs during the actual change in question, the journal can be rewound and the transactions undone, thus keeping the filesystem in a consistent state (you still lose the data from that incomplete transaction). ext2, on the other hand, does no such thing, and if the system crashes with the filesystem in an inconsistent state, you will need to spend a lot more time figuring out what's wrong with it, and there are more potential things to go wrong with it (the dreaded lost+found).


Brian Richardson
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