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Re: Ditching FC3... for now =(

John Summerfield wrote:
On Friday 03 December 2004 00:31, Randy McDonald wrote:

My only complaint is that I wish the
default install had a sshd up and configured, kinda essential for
remote administaration.

I said that on the list, and mdz or someone said "No." Several times.

My wife uses it, my daughter took one look and asked "Where do I get that?" and I've installed it on a Dell with an i815 chipset and integrated graphics.

Don't get anything with an Intel i810 or i815 chipset; I have several (all ombord graphics) and none of them works well at present with any Linux I've tried. In particular, one has seen SuSE 9, Mandrake 10, Nahant, Mepis and all have graphics problems, as does the Dell with Ubuntu.

The 815 used to work great using RHL. I never had any luck w/ Debian using this 815 chipset. Now that the 815 is broken again, but might be fixed soon, it might be worth keeping this chipset. right now, this problem is pretty frustrating though.
Since the problem seems to be present in multi-distributions, I guess having this problem is not that easy to concentrate the breakage within Fedora.


I won't be using Ubuntu a my primary desktop OS because I want supported KDE, but other than that it's as good as I've seen and a near match for OS X.

ps Daughter installed hers the other day. II took one support call whn she was id disk partitioning. She was setting up dual boot on a two-disk Pentium II.

We need to teach Linus about "taste" in drivers. His core code taste is
impeccable, but I'm not fond of his driver taste ;)

- Alan Cox on linux-kernel

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