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Re: Shutdown in one step?

Gustavo Seabra wrote:

Andrew Choens wrote:

Actually, I'm using KDE now and, when I click logout it gives me the choices to:
1) Logout
2) Turn off computer
3) Restart computer
4) Cancel.

Well that's really cool.  I'm so glad to see that KDE and Gnome are
starting to get the integration game going more than I thought.  As this
continues I think we will start to see many things improve in terms of
consistency.  Both projects have good ideas.

Actually, as I recall now the steps I took, it's just not as simple: KDE doesn't seem to be high priority for the Fedora developers, so they don't have the KDE updated by default. I had to update my KDE from the kde-redhat.org repos:
kde-stable.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/ :
name=kde-redhat.org (fedora)

Then, even though up2date said my system was up-to-date (by default it only checks the "official" repos), `yum update` found tons of KDE updates. One of them probably gave me this logout options. (The logout menu also changed, and now has an image of Konki, the dragon :-)

I hope that helps.

You'll also need to intall the gpg key:

rpm -ivh http://dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/kde-redhat/gpg.rexdieter-kde-redhat.key

Gustavo Seabra - Graduate Student
Chemistry Department
Kansas State University

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