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Re: Ditching FC3... for now =(

John Summerfield wrote:

On Thursday 02 December 2004 11:20, Lotsa Cabo wrote:

My goal...
To successful install and use FC3 in a virtual machine hosted by WinXP for
however long it takes me to find, install, understand, and otherwise
replace by existing M$-based apps with Linux versions. Then, once I have
everything ready to roll on Linux, and have no NEED for the Windows apps
blow away the box and install it as a FC3-only machine.

Start again. Install FC, VMware, XP.
or try Ubuntu. It's debian-derived, almost as friendly as OS X. Base system installs from a single CD. There is a second, a live demo.

Funny you mention that. I just got the Ubuntu CD in the mail the other day. I played with the Live CD. I wasn't particularly overwhelmed. Ubuntu's GNOME 2.8 isn't any "better" than FC3's (unless I'm missing something).

I do like the large archive they have though and I'd probably be playing with Ubuntu right now (dual booting) if I had the HD space... As it is Debian based, I'd like to try it for that reason alone that and the fact that is has a cool name. ;-)

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