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[OT] where to get reilable CVS for gcc, glibc, binutils?

  i'd like to set up a nightly build for a project that grabs the
latest CVS tree for all of gcc, glibc and binutils, and it's harder
than i thought to find a single, reliable source for all of them.

  www.gnu.org has, in some cases, nightly tarballs, which is nice but
not really what i'm after.  and savannah.gnu.org -- well, the less
said about that, the better.  the libc CVS repo there seems to be just
plain broken, while the binutils repo is offline or something.

  i've looked at sources.redhat.com, which looked promising but, in
the case of gcc, just points back at gcc.gnu.org.

  so ... is there a single, consistent and reliable CVS source for
these packages that i can access in a hands-free way thru a nightly
build script?  you'd think this wouldn't be as difficult as it's
turning out to be.  thanks.


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