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Re: Linux way to perform this vid card reflash...

On Friday 03 Dec 2004 14:18, Brian Richardson wrote:
> Jim Higson wrote:
> >I couldn't use a boot floppy because this machine has no floppy drive (I
> > could get one as last resort) - is there such thing as a dos boot cd?
> There is no such thing as "the Linux way to reflash my BIOS". The flash
> program is written for DOS. Ergo, you must run DOS to run the flash
> program. I wouldn't do this from a DOS box in Linux, because the video
> card is already in use. You _could_ transfer the boot floppy image to an
> El Torito boot image and burn it to a CD, but probably easiest just to
> put the floppy drive in for the 2 minutes it takes to do this video BIOS
> upgrade.

Thanks for the advice, I'll just borrow the floppy drive from some other 
computer - not too much fuss I suppose. Interestingly, the vendor provides a 
tool to do this from within WinXP (while the card is in use) so there's a 
small chance dosbox would work, probably not though and I'm not going to find 

It's a shame they provide their bioses as self installing executables for 
particular platforms.

I wouldn't normally bother with this kind of upgrade, except the card shipped 
with faulty a bios.

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