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Re: [OT] Re: Games you want to include in Fedora Core.

Justin Crabtree wrote:
Jeff Spaleta wrote:

On Fri, 03 Dec 2004 09:02:48 -0600, Justin Crabtree <crabtrej otc edu> wrote:

I would like to see more game development companies port their games to
Linux.  They wouldn't be free so they wouldn't be part of the distro,
but that would remove one of the main reasons many people keep their
Windows box.  :-)

I'd like a pony... but its not really useful to mention that in this forum.
Can we please keep this discussion constrainted to things actionable
inside the Fedora Project, and not let this slip away into
pie-in-the-sky hopes and dreams that are not directly resolvable by
this community. The topic of this thread borders just outside the
bounds of useful actionable discussion, widening the subject to talk
about what the game industry as a whole should be doing with their
development manhours moves this discussion even further away from any
actionable recommendations fedora developers and contributors can use.


I figured it had already made it past that point. Sorry to waste your time with my frivolous humor. And I know a guy that can give you a really good deal on a pony.

Ha. I even sent it to the wrong list. I don't deserve to use email.

Justin Crabtree
Java Programmer
Ozarks Technical Community College

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