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Re: dag: would you please pick up the kernel-module-nvidia packages if you can ...

Michael A. Peters wrote:
> I've been happy with the nforce2 board I have - but I am seriously  
> considering getting an ATI Radeon 8500-9250 (I think that is the range)  
> that have working OSS 3D drivers. Just for tuxracer.

Me too. Although I think the range of suitable cards goes back

Robin Laing wrote:
> I had an ATI 9600 and dumped it for nVidia.

That's a very different chipset that only has closed source 3D drivers
(to the best of my knowledge), and they're considerably different to the
open source ones.

In other words, yes, your experience is valid but does not necessarily
apply to Radeons which have the open source drivers.

No doubt I shall find out...


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