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OT: So long (Fedora), and thanks for all the fish!

This past spring, just before FC2, I installed Fedora on my PC.  It was my
first Linux installation.  It was great!  I was hooked!  

Since then, after doing a lot of research, I have moved on to Gentoo Linux. 
(It just suits me better.)  I remained on this list so I could lend a hand,
but more and more I'm finding that my advice is not applicable to RedHat's
implementation.  Therefore, I've decided to leave the fedora-general list.

But before going, I need to thank a few people on this list:

* RedHat.  Linux is advancing faster than ever because RedHat has earned the
respect of industry.  Keep up the good work!

* EVERYBODY!  Thanks for answering my dumb questions.  Thanks also for
asking questions.  I learn a lot just from watching the list.

* Tom Mitchell.  I remember once that you answered a question I asked --
when nobody else answered.  I never got back with you to thank you.  And
now I see that the question was exceedingly dumb!

* Rodolfo J. Paiz.  Here and on the R.U.L.E. list, you have been a constant
help to the community.  Thanks!  You also introduced me to the R.U.L.E.


                     G a b r i e l   M .   B e d d i n g f i e l d

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