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Re: REPOST: Need help after system crash

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Am Fr, den 03.12.2004 schrieb Scott um 20:09:

Reposting is a bit unfriendly, as urgent as your question may be.

In light of his situation, what would you have suggested as an alternative?



Hist first posting with same content but different subject line came in

Fri, 3 Dec 2004 07:26:30 -0500

The repost

Fri, 3 Dec 2004 13:20:30 -0500

At least he marked his new posting with "REPOST" prefix. Maybe just my
taste, but I prefer to see topics not splitted. If his problem is that
urgent, that waiting a few more hours isn't acceptable for him, he may
have better replied to his original posting and state that his trouble
needs some urgent hints to go on. (Always in the light that this is no
first-level support helpdesk but a community of volunteers.) My
impression when viewing the first posting - before the second arrived -
was, that something very severe must have happened with the host in
trouble, and that it would be better to take the time for a detailed
reply than a quick shot. Well, if the rescue boot hint was already
enough for the right direction ...


I see. I guess I'm not that particular.

Honestly, I've been in this situation myself any number of times. Sometimes posts just "slip by" peoples notice. I've fought off the urge to repost myself on 2 or 3 occasions in my short time on this list.

In one instance I'm still "SOL" because no one has offered a solution to my particular problem. I just chalked it up to the fact that in fact, no one has a solution.

That may (or may not) be an accurate hypothesis....

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