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Re: ftp mount utility available in FC3

Am So, den 05.12.2004 schrieb Peter Boy um 0:34:

> If you use nautilus (or konqueror) you can use
>    (s)ftp://user remote server/
> to (virually) mount a remote directory via ftp. It is accessible in
> Nautilus, but not as a regular directory for other applications (e.g.
> Quanta in my case).
> Is there a utility to do a "regular" mount into the filesystem
> (e.g. /mnt) via ftp included in FC3? There used to be ftpmount, replaced
> by lufs nowadays, but these are not part of FC3 (or at least I didn't
> find them).

> Peter

Not exactly what you ask for, but as you mentioned sftp I assume you
have shell access. I made good experience with


and I prefer everything which does not pass authentication data in plain
text through the net.


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