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Re: Before I install Fedora Core 3

The question was asked, would I re-install FC3 over FC2 if I had known what I was in for.
Answer, absolutely NOT!!!

I had a very nicely functioning FC2 system, with a SAMBA server sharing files and acting as the PDC. FC3 hosed it up completely! I've turned off the firewall (actually it was off for FC2). No help. Restart samba .... That lets some of my Win2K machines connect, for a few minutes. So if I am quick enough, I can get a quick printout to the printer on the network, before it loses the connection again.

What is frustrating is that it is random. My own Win2K desktop stays hooked up the longest. It goes into the same hub as the SAMBA server. My wife's computer (which is a switch and a hub away) can't see the SAMBA shares at all. My kid's computer (which also goes through a switch and a hub), can see the SAMBA shares for a few minutes after I restart smb/nmb.

I don't grok this. Like samba isn't one of thee most critical packages in helping Linux crack the server room? How can a distro, especially one that took almost a year to come out, think it can just blow off samba??

A. Rick Anderson

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