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Re: converting .deb to rpm

On Saturday 04 December 2004 09:20, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> > The problem is it won't install because of dependences, is there another
> > program for fedora that will convert these.
> Get the original source code, and build the RPMs yourself.

This is good advice: any means of circumventing dependancies is likely to 
result in software that does not work. Application interfaces for such 
libraries as libc, KDE and Gnome change with each release and it's important 
that the source program be built against the versions of libraries you use.

Programs built for FC3 are likely to fail if force-installed on FC2, and 
incompatibilities are greater between Debian-built software and RH=built 
software. Debian has different (and quite strict) ideas about where 
configuration files should be, for example. and if those files are somewhere 
else in FC then you will have problems.

Alien has its uses, but don't be surprised when the results are unsuitable.

It is also perfectly possible to run, within libits, any two (or more) 
distroes on the same system at the same time.

On your fc system, install a Debian filesystem at, say, /usr/local/debian amd 
then run stuff there:
chroot /usr/local/debian 
and then if you need daemons, start them up.

Note that if you want to run the same deamons (eg ssh) on FC and Debian you 
need to configure an additional interface _on the host_ (in your case in fc).

ifconfig eth0
ifconfig eth0:0


John Summerfield
tourist pics: http://environmental.disaster.cds.merseine.nu/

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