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Re: Enterprise mail server

I have no experience with it, but I've been monitoring the kolab e-mail list for quite a while to see how they are progressing.
It seems like something you should at least look into.



Chris Mason wrote:

I'm looking for feedback on experiences of implementing an enterprise mail
server with IMAP and webmail, preferably groupware, on our Dual Xeon Fedora
server. We currently have sendmail, uw-imap, squirrelmail, in standard
Redhat configuration, and we are having huge load problems as the present
setup is not capable of supporting the needs of our users. Large mail
folders bring the server to it's knees. We only have 25 users but they
travel and use the mail system as a filing system, routinely saving 10MB
emails and never cleaning up old mail.

We also need more groupware type features such as file sharing, messaging
and calendaring. I am looking at Binari, Groupwise, Surgemail, and
opengroupware which would involve more work to implement for me.

If you have spent time researching mail and groupware I would love some
feedback to save me time and help me find a suitable application.

Chris Mason

(o>      Micheal J. Pawlowsky
//\      Open Source Specialist
v_/_     MI-Consultants

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