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Samba and FC3

Is there a link to resolving problems on FC3 and Samba? A search on the RedHat site either yields too many (and none seem relevant), or none. The other google links I have found simply say that FC3, with a firewall, and samba don't work. I've scanned some of the "archives" of this group, but so far I haven't had any luck.

I recently upgraded from FC2 to FC3. Strangely enough, FC3 actually back-leveled several of the packages I had updated on FC2. Using Up2Date, I was able to get some, but not all of the packages updated and ran into the following problems:
1) A double click on the up2date icon yields several dozen out-of-date packages, but when I run up2date, it claims everything is current and exits.
2) My samba server is often not visible to various Win2k machines on my network. The visibility problems are machine specific, but I haven't been able to detect a pattern yet. I use the server as a file server, PDC, DNS etc. All machines can ping each other, and I can ssh into the server from all of them, if I use the IP address of the server. I have found that for some of the machines, restarting the samba service makes the server visible, for a period of time. Just to remove the firewall from a possible source of problem, I tried disabling it, and the same symptoms occur.

The primary reason I have the Linux box is to act as a general purpose server to a Win2k network, and losing connection to samba means that home directories and network printers are unavailable and machines nor people can authenticate on the network. I've been a happy user of Samba and RH distros for a couple of years. Don't claim to be a guru, but this is sure frustrating. Setting up Samba used to be relatively easy (assuming you read the fine manual :-).

I'm assuming that these problems are FC3 specific, since FC2 worked fine (unless the upgrade process really hosed something up). Any pointers to research links would be appreciated.

A. Rick Anderson

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