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Re: Hardware upgrade advice needed

Thomas E. Dukes wrote:

I would like to move my current system to a new PC.  I'm not sure the best
way to do this.

What I was thinking was to move the harddrive to the new computer and let
fedora recognize and update the new hardware.  Will this work?  The 'newer'
PC is an IBM NetVista 6792-3MU.

Assuming the above will work, I then like to add an additional harddrive and
move /home and /var to the new drive.  Can I just format and partition the
new drive and move the files from the old drive to the new drive?

Then, I would also like to increase the swap space on the old drive to
double the RAM. Can the swap be resized?

You didn't mention what O/S you're running (FC1, FC2, etc) and what O/S you intend to run (FC3 perhaps).

Think about this.
Install the new box with the new hardware just the way you want it. Then connect the old drive to the new box for the purposes of copying whatever it is you want off the old drive on to the new setup.

The benefit of this approach is that you can put the old drive back in the old box and nothing has changed. Its a fall back position in case something goes wrong. Your approach leaves you with nothing if things go wrong.

Bill Gradwohl
bill ycc com
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