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Re: FC2 -> FC3 upgrade question

On Sun, 2004-12-05 at 08:56, Michael J. Pawlowsky wrote:

> > I have been running FC2 happily for some time now. The question is
> > whether or not to upgrade to FC3.
< ... snip ...>
> I did upgraded from FC2 to FC3 but did not like the results of an 
> "upgrade". Mostly I did it simply to stay current.
> I ended up doing a fresh install and simply copying back the config 
> files, home directories and data files.

For many (myself included), "staying current" is the ONLY reason to
upgrade... staying current of course means that you can get help when
you need it, and run code that doesn't have a lot of vulnerabilities.
The new features are nice, too  :)

The drawback (BIG) is that for most OS's 'upgrading' is a major pain in
the butt! This of course being mostly due to the fact that a lot of time
and effort is required to make all the manual changes to config files,

In my opinion, the ideal would be an OS upgrade every 3-4 years, and/or
some better (more complete?) tools for automating the upgrade process.
I'm sure this is a pretty difficult thing to do, but I'm into wishful
thinking today :)


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