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Re: NLD 9

On Sun, December 5, 2004 1:06 pm, Lotsa Cabo said:

> Has anyone played around with Novell Linux Desktop 9?  If so, how much
> does FC3 kick it's butt?

NLD9 isn't really targetted at the same people as Fedora.  However, it's a
good implementation and has a great installer.  They've made some strange
choices as far as configuration (for example .local domain names are
always resolved with multicast DNS and there is no way to disable this
behavior).   Also, it seems somewhat slower than FC3 but i've never done
any actual performance tests.  All in all it's respectable.

On the upside, NLD9 has official support where Fedora doesn't and is
cheaper than any supported RedHat product.   IMHO Novell/Suse is the only
Linux provider that can compete with RedHat in the corporate space.   Will
be interesting to see how they fare.


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