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Re: Before I install Fedora Core 3...

On Saturday, December 04, 2004, at 01:54PM, Robert Johnson <rwj04 comcast net> wrote:
>... Would *you* install it if you had to do it over again?  Or would you
>stay with Fedora Core 2?  Or another distro entirely?
>I ask this because I cant believe all the troubles so many people are
>having.  Is there something wrong with Core 3?  

>I haven't seen more trouble than with any other release.
>I have experienced nothing myself. Well, one install I did - first boot never ran, and every boot >after resulted in XServer trying to start partway down (I don't use rhgb) and I'd see a "failed" >message on the screen, followed by X11 starting perfectly for GDM.

>About a week later, during one of the boots, the first boot setup thing ran - that usually runs >after a clean install. The failed attempt at starting X11 never appeared again after that.

>That's an interesting case - because I've done several other installs on a test partition of the >SAME hardware and had everything work perfectly.
>I'm happy with fc3. Only thing I don't like is that the ide cd burning isn't (imho) as good as with >the ide-scsi module from 2.4 kernel days - in that it won't let me md5sum /dev/cdrom without an I/O >error occuring  :( 
>But I can boot with hdc=ide-scsi and do just that  :) 

Lots of people are happy with the way that any of the distros install. And lots of people are un-happy with the same distros for the exact same reason. From experimenting with several versions of Linux and BSD over the past few months, it appears that people take a very narrow view of how the operating system is supposed to work. Many of the programs that I liked from Red Hat 9 are not in any of the Fedora distros. Usually things either work, or they don't work. Afterwards you have to figure out if you have the time to tinker with them to make them work.

On the flip side, FC is supported more then any other distribution of Linux, with the exception of Debian. And Fedora Core works on more computers better then any version of Debian, or any other Linux operating system, in my limited experience. However, there is no way to say that I am a Linux convert. I just happen to be someone who is fed up with Microsoft.

Fedora Core 3 seems to a be a big step upwards. I have it on 2 of my laptops. I'm still working on a couple of projects to make things work right, but they are on track. However, I have one of these laptop computers in the shop for a new CD ROM. It's a 6 year old Gateway laptop. When it comes back, I think that I'll put Red Hat 9 back on it. But on my 2 year old Toshiba Satellite 2400 laptop, FC3 does very well.

I like to experiment with different distros. (I am sure that all of the Linux and BSD distros have backing from the headache medicine companies.) But I keep coming back to FC3 and re-installing it.

(I think that I need more Excedrin. I have a Gateway 2100 laptop and an older Toshiba (486 processor) laptop being shipped to me.)

A few of the things on my wish list: 
I would like to see the Ndiswrapper and NTFS support on the FC distribution CDs. I would also like the option of installing the operating system using a SCSI CD-ROM or hard drive connected by USB, USB2 or firewire. (I've only found this last option to work correctly on FreeBSD.)


Lloyd Hayes

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