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FC3 nautilus quit unexpectedly


After installed FC3 on a intel PC, things are going
normal except the following error.

I want to insert a CD into the CD tary. After press
the opne button of the CD tray, there is CD icon added
to the desktop. When I insert a CD, the CD starts
spining and the desktop pop up a error window, saying
"the Applicataion  'nautilus' has been quit
unexpectedly' " and give me 2 options "Restart the
application" or "close". no matter click on 'colse' or
'Restart Application", the error window keeps poping
pu. After click on either "close" or "restart
application" a few times, the icons on desktop
disappeared, and seems the CD is mounted.

The file ssystem mount configure is right eg a line in
fstab file

/dev/hdc /mnt/cdrom iso9660 ro,noauto,users 0 0 

two questions:

1 what causes this problem? how to fix?

2 how to disable the autorun? even some CD without
autorun.conf, after inerted, it starts spining.


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