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Re: Does FC3 fix the earlier SMP lock / hang problems?

Peter Loron wrote:
> I've run into the SMP lock / hang issue with FC1.

"The" SMP lock / hang issue?

It's not clear to me exactly what you're talking about: can you give
some more detail?

> Is this issue resolved 
> in FC3? The machine in question is a production box, so I don't really 
> want to risk a repeat of the previous hang behavior. I've been running 
> in uniproc mode for a long while and have had good reliability, but 
> having that second processor in use would be very nice. A scan through 
> the list archives didn't turn up any discussion on this issue after late 
> last year...

Lockups / hangs that occur only in SMP mode generally mean there's a bug
in part of the kernel. There's been a lot of work done on SMP mode and
using SMP mode, so there's a fair chance the issue you were seeing has
been addressed. But without more details it's hard to say.

FWIW I've run every RHL then every Fedora since late 1999 on SMP
hardware, and have never seen a problem (except once on a 2.5-era
development kernel...)


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