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Re: Losing a slash in an init file

Am Mo, den 06.12.2004 schrieb Steven Stern um 1:11:

> Following a discussion earlier on the list, I tried to play with the contents
> of an init file.
> In /etc/init.d/spamass-milter, I edited the line to start the daemon by adding
> "-i" to exclude mail on the local network:
> daemon $prog -p $SOCKET -f -i  $EXTRA_FLAGS
> BUT, when the line is executed, it seems the slash in the CDIR format is lost:
> root      2957  0.0  0.1 13704 1068 pts/0    Sl   18:02   0:00 spamass-milter
> -p /var/run/spamass.sock -f -i 24
> On the other hand, if I remove the " -i ", the slash shows up.
> Other slashes (e.g., the local socket file) appear correctly in the runtime
> parameter list.
> What am I doing wrong? 

Nothing. The "problem" is spamass-milter itself. The daemon function
from the Fedora init scripts does not cause this. Start spamass-milter
by hand and you will see it in the process list the same. I can't say
how in influence processing (then of course a bug) or whether this is
just cosmetic.
>   Steve 


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