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Re: FC2 -> FC3 upgrade question

Am Mo, den 06.12.2004 schrieb John Summerfield um 2:03:

> Try Debian. OS release upgrades are rare, upgrading is done on the live system 
> (but some services get shut down for a while).

> John Summerfield


would you please stop merchandising for Debian or Debian based distros
like Ubuntu?

This is a Fedora user list and if you like any other distribution more
than Fedora share your fever on it's list or forum. Sorry, it simply
s*cks to read your "Debian here, Debian there".

Thank you. Regards


Alexander Dalloz | Enger, Germany | new address - new key: 0xB366A773
legal statement: http://www.uni-x.org/legal.html
Fedora GNU/Linux Core 2 (Tettnang) on Athlon kernel 2.6.9-1.6_FC2smp 
Serendipity 02:23:56 up 1:46, 16 users, 0.08, 0.35, 0.58 

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