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Re: Loggin into a WEP enable home network

If you are using a wireless card (I think WEP keys only apply to wireless devics, right?), and you are using Fedora Core 2, you can also click Applications --> System Tools --> Network, enter the root password, and then highlight the active device.

Click Edit.

Click the "Wireless Settings" tab.

You can enter the WEP key in the box provided for that. Then save it and re-activate the wireless device.


Joel Jaeggli wrote:

set the wep key by doing something like:

iwconfig ethX key s:ascii_key


iwconfig ethX key key-in-hex

take a look at the iwconfig manpage for more detail...


On Sun, 5 Dec 2004, Terry R. Grier wrote:

Hello all.

I am having to work out of a friends house for a couple of weeks. I am
connected to his router via a direct cable but his router is WEP
enable. However.. as a 3 week old linux user.... I do not know where to
look to enter this code.
or is it the other way around...? ...
Can someone assist. Is is an XP user and does not know either.

Thank you

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