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Re: OpenOffice (and others) memory usage...

On Sunday 05 December 2004 21:08, P Jones wrote:
> Hi again;
> I forgot to attach the workaround that I read about somewhere that seems
> to be working here. I notice, just looking at total memory consumption,
> that the first right click on a misspelled word results in a loss of 4
> meg of RAM (round numbers).
> Anyway, the workaround:
> open /usr/lib/ooo-1.1/share/dict/ooo/dictionary.lst in a text editor and
> delete or comment out all the lines that refer to dictionaries that you
> are NOT intending to use. Also delete the irrelevant HYPH and THES
> lines. My dictionary.lst file looks like this:
> DICT en US en_US
> HYPH en US en_US
> THES en US th_en_US
> Hope this helps,
> -P


thank you for this help - it worked perfectly fine for me. Now it just takes a 
few seconds and a few megs to start the spell checker. Thanks also for the 
bugzilla link - I was in the middle of entering my own bug :-)


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