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Roxio GoBAck and Dual Boot


This is a warning for Roxio Goback users.
Uninstall it before installing FC3.

This note should be on the Release Notes and it may save you a lot of

Roxio seems to package the partition table in such a way that the FC3
installer cannot recognize the windows partitions or anyother partition
you might have. Therefore, you will not be able to have dual booting
from the beginning.

The first time I got bitten by the dual boot bug, I could not recover.
The second time, I had pre-partitioned my hard disk, but when I tried to
install, Linux could not find the partitions!!!!!

Checking it out with the Acronis disk manager (it works great, it saved 
my data the second time around

Prepartitioning again, and trying to install, I wisely stopped at the
manual partition wizard and when again, the installer could not find my
Linux partitions, I cancelled.

Checking it out with the disk manager I noticed that I had one big Roxio
partition instead of my neatly laid partitions that I had premade

After I uninstalled GoBack, the Linux installer found out quickly the
new partitions, I assigned /boot, / and swap easily and the installer
let me choose at once the default operating system.

So, for all people who install Norton Systemworks and who may go to
install the GoBack thing, just be aware of how it impacts your chances
of successfully installing Linux.

Is there anything on the installer that may be done to work around the
GoBack partitions?

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