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Re: startup services order

Scot L. Harris wrote:

On Sun, 2004-12-05 at 22:43, sly wrote:

how can i chose the order in which services to be loaded? actually i want to have the pcmcia started before the network.

You just think that is what you want to do. Most likely the real problem you have is that your pcmcia network card is not starting up at boot time. The problem is that network services starts before pcmcia and that causes the pcmcia network cards not to start.

The trick is to tell the network card NOT to start at boot time. When
pcmcia services start later on it will start the network card anyway. IMHO this is BUG AND NEEDS TO BE FIXED!

But no one listens. :)

I hope that fixes your problem.

Scott, you are absolutely correct. I've been bellyaching about this issue for a while -- going back to the Red Hat Linux days. My Vaio laptop needs to have PCMCIA start, otherwise the wireless card won't go active. What is really needed is for anaconda to either ask, or detect, whether this is a laptop installation. If so, automagically start PCMCIA at some early point in the boot process for the desired runlevel.

For now, I'm sure a lot of folks need to use the hacks suggested by both you and Mike Klinke. Or just let the stupid boot process continue and wait for pcmcia to start. Which will then wake up eth0 which will then make a DHCP request to the access point which will then....


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